Samanvay Singapore Pte. Ltd is a registered company in Singapore, mainly to nurture ties between India and Singapore.

Samanvay Singapore has varied business interests in Singapore and India, ranging from Wellness, Hospitality, Restaurants to Consultancy and Liasoning Services in the SAARC and ASEAN regions.

Our Ventures

In a foray into hospitality in Singapore and also forging closer ties between India and Singapore, Samanvay Singapore has partnered with MTR – a 90 year old South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, and opened their first ever overseas branch in Singapore. The first of a planned chain opened in May 2013 in Serangoon Road, Singapore.

Samanvay Singapore, in 2011, started Footworks India Pvt. Ltd., to open and run a luxury foot reflexology chain across India. Samanvay Singapore has also licensed the usage of the indegeniously designed Spa Management Software which has PoS as well as CRM. Besides this Samanvay Singapore has arranged for training support from expert reflexologists from Singapore and Indonesia. They have trained over 200 Reflexologists in Bangalore and Chennai till date.

Samanvay Consulting Pte Ltd is an organization that harnesses the power of Governments, Entrepreneurs and Corporations working together for mutual benefit. Samanvay Consulting acts as an intermediary between companies in the private, public, and government sectors across India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Samanvay then works like an extension of the client company to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and find the most competitive partners to transform their enterprise.

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